My Secret TM Hair Lotion


My Secret TM Hair Lotion


Herbal hair tonic for baldness in Men and Women

Dr. Benade's Hair Lotion ( Welcome Hair) is a clinically proven formula specifically promoting hair follicles to re-grow.

Most hair loss treatments are useful in preventing hair from falling by nourishing the scalp and by minimizing the damage caused by DHT.

But how does one re-grow hair in bald areas?

Hair loss treatments available today only serve the purpose to stop hair from falling. Herbal-H goes one step further and initiates the hair growth process. Not only do you stop hair from falling, you re-grow what you lost and more!

Herbal-H is scientifically formulated to activate the hair from the mother cell and is highly effective in treating Male Pattern Baldness. It works by increasing the blood circulation, replenishing G.I., providing nutrition to the skin and scalp and activating meridian, allowing hair follicles to regain function and effectively grow new hair.

Disclaimer- The Result May vary from person to person

The active Herbs changes the arrangements of cuticle cells and also significantly enlarging the mechanism of the sweat gland and hair follicle. It also increases hydration to the scalp making it easier to absorb the treatment.

Dr. Benade's Hair Lotion( Welcome Hair) is a highly effective and toxic-free hair re-growth treatment. Its pure herbal formula prevents damage to the liver and stomach. It can also reduce the total number of applications required, while extending the functional duration of each application and the new penetrating peel technology reaches the hair follicles directly, causing the effect to occur faster and works on 95% of all men and women!


  • Stimulates Hair root and re-grow hairs

  • Nourishes hair root and stops further hair fall.

  • Prevents hair fall and further graying

  • Nourishes hair root and repairs hair.