Finish Product Export

Our products are accepted in more than 30 countries such as America, Canada, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE and many other countries around the world.

We can go through following easy steps:

  • We will send to you our best CIF prices for all our product range plus one sample from each upon request ,in order to give you chance to make your market survey and comparison study with other available products in market. Samples are absolutely free, but air fright will be paid by your company

  • We are sure, you will collect positive feed backs from your clients, agents, distributor or buyers there that the items can achieve good business and will be effective in reflecting good profits for your company, we will go into the next step.

  • We will send to our draft contract agreement in order to revise each clause and negotiate till reaching a final agreement.

  • Once we signed two original copies of the contract, we will send you all the required certificates and documents which you need to register our product range in your ministry of health (specially the original free sale certificate, certificate of analysis …..etc ). You need to send a letter ( by e-mail) to our company asking for above certificates.

  • After finalizing the registration of the products and took the final release from ministry of health , now you will be ready to open letter of credit or T/T for your order.