About Us

Dr Benade Herbals is one of the world's leading brands of Herbal cosmetics and medicines. Dr.Benade Herbals has been recognised world-wide for its allergy-tested, dermatological proven safe herbal cosmetics.

Dr Benade Herbals is known worldwide for its effective products and good service for both partnerships and customers. All the ingredients used in our products are present in European and International listing. Therefore, it's not beyond expectation that Dr. Benade Herbals products are accepted in more than 30 countries around the world.

All of these successes can ensure our true intention in maintaining the quality products and services' quality, ensuring a brilliant and firm future of the company.

Dr Benade Herbals undertake extensive study in various ayurvedic herbal cures. Nothing is accepted at its face value. Ayurvedic formulation are studied and rigorously tested, their precise effect established, and evolved into medicines.

In our task we have been fortunate enough to receive guidance from well known ayurvedic doctors such as Dr.Shekhar Benade M.D. ,Dr Rupali Benade M.D. Along with we have research team of 40 doctors for each step like collecting genuine herbs, processing, manufacturing, analysis, clinical trials, standardization etc. All the clinical trials are conducted at Dr.Benade Ayurveda Hospital and Research center.

Use Dr.Benade's products with confidence that the utmost care has been taken to ensure the safety of our products and that your skin will attain its healthiest and most even glow when our products are used according to our instructions.

None of our products contains hazardous, dangerous or banned elements. Dr.Benade's products have never used these ingredients (and we never will). Dr.Benade's products choose only sumptuous hydrants, the rarest creams and gels, exotic preparations, natural herb extracts.

Why Dr. Benade's Products

Because delivers nothing but results. In more than 10 years of delivering health and beauty to our clients, Dr.Benade's products has had more than 99% satisfaction ratings


Our mission is to keep on researching and developing the natural way to keep human healthy and young as long as it takes. By this goal we promise to all the consumers the best quality the best services we can ever provide to you at all times. We will make sure that all the consumers will achieve the same results as they use our products and be very satisfy at all times.